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First Person Shooters Falling Short

As you read this blog the trend in FPS (First Person Shooters) continues. The trend I am speaking of is game developers releasing games before they are complete because of budget and marketing deadlines. Most of the time these restrictions are not the fault of the developers.

We sit by, as game after game is released without being completed. Developers struggle to make their deadlines and things like Quality Control fall to the wayside because of it. Game developers spend their entire budgets on marketing. We watch these trailers that look just as good as a blockbuster film and we start to salivate. The games get their sales immediately. We run to Gamestop to preorder a copy ASAP.

Release day finally arrives. You peal off the plastic in anticipation. You insert the disk into your PC or console... You play the shortest campaign you have in a while... you are ok with that. You don't buy games for the SP anymore. Now it is time to find out what this game has! You click on the online mode.... you enter a lobby... you are the only one there... This can't be right, the game was just released. So you keep trying for other lobbies. Eventually you make it to a game.. your hopes are high again. You start to play your new game online... kind of. You start to rubber band (back and forth motions caused by lag) all over the screen and then you are booted.

Situations like this shouldn't be common place. We as video game consumers have allowed this to happen. We continue to preorder products without a beta test. We continue to buy these games and then defend the developers by saying, "It is hard to make a video game." I am not saying that creating a game isn't difficult... but there are tons of services in the world that are just as difficult (if not more difficult). If these other services can put out quality products from day one... why can't video games?

I have read over and over again in multiple FPS forums... "Just be patient... they will fix the game. This is how it always is. Stop crying about it." The people who post this trash are the issue. It isn't the developers... it isn't the marketing... it is the people who have come to accept this trend as just how it is.

We have allowed this to happen. I fear we will continue to allow this to happen.

Enjoy Your Game, Enjoy Your Health

Good health is the foundation of everything else because without it you can do almost nothing. However, with more and more time spent on playing games, your health is experiencing much damage caused by radiation and lack of exercise. As a result, how to enjoy games while keeping healthy has become the top concern of most players.

1) Food treatment

Food treatment is more useful and less harmful than medical treatment. So before your health has been damaged, you have to plan ahead. There is no doubt that playing games for a long time makes your eyes uncomfortable and leads to poor eyesight. In this case, you should have some food that is good for eyes, such as eggs, fish, chicken, sesame, carrots, milk and so on. Also, having enough fruits and vegetables to get the necessary Vitamin is important for your immunity. In addition, although the radiation may be not as serious as many other electronic appliances, it still deserves your attention. Drinking a cup of green tea every day is helpful because its component can resist the damage of radiation.

2) Stick to a scientific timetable

According to some experts, some game players suffer from convulsion of hands, ache of body and numb fingers. Some are faced with pains in shoulders, back, and neck. What's more, addiction to games may even do harm to their nerves, causing headache, drowsiness, slowness, absence of mind and lower work efficiency. Luckily, as long as you are careful and take measures to improve this, you can still have a good health. The key is to stick to a scientific timetable. After playing games for an hour, you need a rest for at least 10 minutes.

3) Break time

During the break time, you can have a outside walk to enjoy fresh air, do some exercise like squatting, yoga inside, or appreciate the beautiful scenery outside the window. Besides, the right sitting is also important when you are playing games. You should try a posture which suits us best. According to some research, the angle between your head and the vertical line should be 30 degrees and you'd better sit straight to protect your back.

4) What's next?

A good health is the prelude to enjoying the exciting game world. What is the next step? In my opinion, excellent game devices are of great significance. Recently I am using a new style fighting joystick for PS3, which is one of my favorite and today I want to share it with other game amateurs. This fighting joystick for PS3 can be applicable not only to PS3, but also PC, PS2 and PS1. In addition, it supports systems like Win 98/ME/2000/XP system, 32bit/64bit CPU, which is very convenient. What's more, it makes use of ergonomic knowledge, bringing us comfortable and soft feelings. With its portable feature, i can take it with me anywhere anytime. If you are also interested in some game accessories like mine, you can get more information about fighting joystick for PS3 on some well-acclaimed websites.

If you want to enjoy the exciting world of games, don't forget to take good care of yourself. I am sure that with the right protection and high-tech, you will surely enjoy both the great games and good health.