Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online MMORPG Games


  • A lot can be said about Free Online MMORPGs. For one they are free, that rules. Also, they are online, meaning you can play with other people across the world, badass. Being an MMORPG, you will be able to advance your character; of whose roll you are playing.
  • Let's discuss the free component a little shall we? Not having to pay for stuff you like is just about as good as it gets on this big blue ball of water we all hang around on. It's kind of like driving down to the corner gas station, just to find yourself being given a sandwich and a beer. You may be presented with an option to purchase some variation of in-game items or subscriptions that enhance the game play. This kind of detracts from the "free" aspect of the Free Online MMORPG sure, but c'mon somebody game developer is out their grinding away making you these games; let's make sure they can pay their internet bill. Make sure though the Free Online MMORPGs you play doesn't have to sever of a drawback to non "donators".
  • What a time we live in! You can know anything you want with a click of a button. You can say hi to your loved ones and friends halfway across the globe. And most importantly, you can gang up with a group of your friends and kill giant demon bosses from the nether dimension! Well maybe not exactly that, LOL, but you get the idea. Most Free Online MMORPGs can be obtained from some source on the internet. Some Online MMORPGs can actually be played for free, online, without having to download anything to your computer! These are called Browser Based MMORPGs, and are part of the Free Online MMORPGs family, and thanks to maturing internet technologies are becoming more and more powerful and popular.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That is what MMORPG part of Free Online MMORPGs stands for. This means that you can play with other people on a large scale (many players on simultaneously) online via some connection to the internet, whether it be high-speed internet, dial-up, mobile (cell phone), or console (Xbox, PS3, etc.). In this genre of game you play the role of a character of your choosing / creation. As you play the game you explore more and more of the world, meet interesting characters both real people and computer controlled characters called NPC's (Non Playable Characters). More often than not in a Free Online MMORPG, you will gain levels by accumulating experience points. Experience Points (aka XP) is given as a reward for killing enemies, completing quests, discovering new lands and much more.
  • Free Online MMORPGs can absorb you if you are not careful. Their dynamic, exciting and social nature can cause some people to lose their selves in these worlds. As much fun as you are having, keep in mind there is a REAL world out there that you really really ought to pay at least some attention too. I'm not saying don't go on many hour long raid quests trying to kill that bass to get that coveted item you have been seeking in order to increase your damage output by 5%. No indeed, I am simply saying keep it real, if you need to pee, don't let your bladder explode. If your grandparent dies, go to the funeral for "The Halls of ElvenGarde" will be there waiting for you when you return.
  • So this has been fun yes? Now you are educated in the greatest game genre of them all; Free Online MMORPGs. Now take your new found knowledge and immerse yourself in whole new worlds

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