Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online Sonic Games

Sonic Games

  • With the growth of the internet that we see today, we can also assume that the revolution of gaming will also grow with it. For years we have seen a battle between leading console giants namely Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation as they constantly try to take a step above one another. Because of the growth of the web, we can see video games become even more popular then ever before.
  • Sonic games were first introduce as an 8 bit game which later advanced to 16 bit. Hardcore gaming fans can now enjoy playing Sonic with all its fun and glory that is offered through online Sonic games, and you can enjoy every bit of playing online for free. With today's technology and Adobe Flash software it has become possible to have motion and lively characters to play online. Another benefit of flash is that it allows even beginners to learn the basics of generating code and creating basic games with basic movements similar to some of the functionality found in Sonic games.
  • There are a huge variation of Sonic related games that are available today, some include adventure, action and even puzzle games which can all get your juices going. Some of these games were actually even developed under a few days. By playing the games, you might not even have noticed.
  • Some features found in the online version of Sonic may not be of those that are in the versions found on your console machine, and that may be due to restrictions in the developers, however in other online Sonic games, you might find the ability to customize your game to your own specifications, where you can create your own levels, with a custom background and even introduce special powers to your character. This allows you to match the game to your level of entertainment, which also makes it a lot of fun to play over and over again.

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