Sunday, June 26, 2011

Online Games For Girls Only

Sue Games

Avatar Star Sue games, or just plain "Sue Games," have the character Sue for both dress up and other games types. Here the player can give Sue an entirely original style in terms of her clothing and make-up. You may also want to just pick a new hairstyle that complements your own current mood or the one which you think would be fabulous on Sue.

When you have completed a new Sue game, you usually get to choose whether you want to save and keep your finished creation as an avatar or picture image on your desktop. You can also use your personal artwork for your profiles on forums or for MySpace or Facebook.

Bratz Games

Bratz are 10-inch dolls wearing flashy clothing. Going by the nicknames of Cloe (Angel), Yasmin (Pretty Princess), Sasha (Bunny Boo) and Jade (Kool Kat), the Bratz are the craze among youngsters and teens the world over. Whatever the reason for its success, Bratz is indeed a global sensation and is giving Barbie the real competition it needs!

On the web, accessories and fashion clothing are easier to match to Bratz dolls and girls by the hundreds are logging on to the different Bratz game sites to pore over the wardrobe choices and hairstyles available.

More often that not when you finish Bratz games you can't help but begin a new round rather than treasuring a single fabulous outfit forever. Aside from dress up games, there are also the makeover challenges. One version even calls for the makeover of the Bratz doll's room and her hairdo.

Other Bratz games are similar to video games that have mission objectives to them. An example is the timed search for your puppy which was lost in a huge virtual mall and the Fish Tank game, where you need to earn points to get more fish and to beautify your fish tank with new decorations.

Barbie Games

Last but not the least is perhaps what started everything we know about girl dolls: Barbie dolls, that is. There were Barbie games already too. The Barbie brand itself is close to fifty years old, with no signs of slowing down. Barbies still make good sales in toy stores because nobody loses in buying a classic. Barbies can also be found and bought just as easily on many pages of the internet. Barbie games will continue to be among the most sought-after dress up games for younger girls for years to come.

Like the sites that it competes with, Barbie games have a variety of fashion choices, and of course the player has to be a good manager in order not to overwhelm the player's dashboard. Dressing Barbie in the most up to date wear is a no-nonsense actvity online and when you find an outfit you like, you can choose to print out your completed online Barbie doll. Why not a collection of completed Barbie paper dolls in picture perfect outfits alongside your team of true Barbie dolls?


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